What is a Novated Lease

A lease based on an agreement between you, your employer and your financer that deducts the payments from your pre-taxed salary package, which in turn reduces your income tax.

Taxbreak is a refined version of a Novated Lease that creates more benefits for customers leasing for business use, by optimally upgrading and replacing your vehicle as it depreciates, at the most optimal time.

A Hire purchase is basically a rental where you use your hired item/vehicle on a hire basis, until the total of all your payments add up to the purchase price of your item.

In the case of a Chattel Mortgage, we supply the funds for you to purchase the item, and then place a mortgage on the item in order to safely secure the loan.

Usually a set amount of money allocated for you to use as upkeep and maintenance of your vehicle. Commonly includes a fuel card and left over money.

You're free to do so, as Fingo forces no early payout penalties. Most financers will charge you something called a "retained interest." With Fingo you can pay off your loan early without any financial penalty.

Optimum Vehicle Replacement (OVR) is a program that keeps you in a brand new car by turning your car at the most optimal point of your cars life, before depreciation hinders the value of your ride.