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our no payout penalty policy lets you do exactly that
without the punishment of pesky hidden feesl

The more success you see, the less you want to worry about your past loans. Early payout penalties are something that just about every financer temploys into their packages, with Fingo being an exception to this. Payout penalties, also referred to as "retained interest" can go deep into the thousands, you won't even be notified of it. It's the hidden fee that will come back to bite you, and if you're finding enough success to want to move on from your past loans, then we'll make sure you don't have to take the staggering blow of a payout penalty in order to do so.

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No hidden fees, expert knowledge and tailored finance solutions are just a few of the reasons Fingo works for you. Talk to a representative today.

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Our in-depth knowledge of industry financing means you get more from your dollar. Find out how you could be saving money through Fingo’s unique offering – Taxbreak.

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